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AYLO proudly presents 'The Leaves for the Trees' original oil painting "


50cm x 50cm wooden pannel painted using oils and varnished with a matt protective coating.


As artists we are ever on journey of self development, artistically and personally, as we search to create impactful and beautiful work. A strong part of my identity is within Nomad Clan, however, with Covid grounding our work, this body of work was an opportunity to explore my solo multidisciplinary practice.


" The Leaves for the Trees The original painting is inspired by the relationship between humans and nature and how clouded our sense of reality can be sometimes. The bigger picture is often so overwhelming we fail to see what effect we can make as individuals. The piece explores the importance of us to focusing in on the small details, slicing things up and processing the pieces one at a time. A stunning full colour,



Leaves For The Trees, Original Oil painting

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