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Aylo, one half of the internationally acclaimed street art duo Nomad Clan, has emerged as a leading multidisciplinary artist with an impressive body of work that includes sculpture, muralism, oil painting, and fine art prints. 


While Aylo has been traveling the world for the past seven years with Nomad Clan, painting some of the largest pieces of art, the pandemic forced a change of pace. The result is a remarkable collection of Aylo's solo works, alongside the Nomad Clan mural works and collaborative projects.


Aylo's work delves into the complexities of human emotions, interactions, and misunderstandings. Through their art, Aylo reflects on how everyone has their own reality, and the full picture is never seen by on lookers. This insight is particularly relevant to our times, where our perceptions are increasingly shaped by social media algorithms and sensationalist news headlines. Aylo's art is a wake-up call, encouraging us to take a deeper look at the world and at each other.


In addition to Aylo's exploration of human emotions and interactions, their work also speaks to the impact that humans have on the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. Aylo's art raises important questions about our relationship with the natural world, and the responsibilities we have towards protecting it. By incorporating themes of environmentalism and conservation into their work, Aylo is contributing to a global conversation about the urgent need to protect the planet for future generations.


With a passion for playing and learning, Aylo has spent the 2 years focused on studio work, resulting in a much clearer mindset and some exciting new pieces. While Aylo still collaborates with Nomad Clan on larger mural projects and installations, the solo work is a testament to Aylo's creative depth and range.

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